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UNOS' mission is to assist oil companies to focus on what they do best, leaving UNOS to do the rest.

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R04 Enters Service at Najaf International Airport

The new 18,000 litre Refueller (R04) from Terramar-Esterer entered service at Najaf International Airport.

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Ramadan Briefing, July 2015, Najaf

During Ramadan 2015, Copperchase (Iraq) CEO, Dr. Nahidh Salih Jasim invited all the staff in Iraq (Copperchase – Iraq, UNOS, KRP and GMC) to a Breakfast gathering in the UNOS camp at Najaf International Airport.

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New 18,000 Litre Refueller (R04) Commissioned in Najaf

In early July 2015, two Commissioning Engineers from the Esterer Company travelled to the UNOS Fuel Facility at Najaf International Airport to commission the new 18,000 Litre Refueller (R04) and provide training in its operational use.

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Internal Audit by Copperchase of the UNOS Najaf Fuel Operations to JIG 4

On 24th March 2014, Tony Myers, Director of Copperchase UK performed an audit of the UNOS Najaf Fuel Operations. The audit performed was that defined by JIG for ‘Small’ fuel operations.

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