Services and Facilities

UNOS Fuel Services

Al Najaf Al Ashraf International Airport, Iraq

UNOS Oil Field Services Camp

Rumaila, Basra, Iraq

United National Oil Services, plan to establish an Oilfield Service Camp in the Rumaila-Basra region to provide support services to major oil companies and their sub-contractors. The camp will provide working and living space to a wide-array of oilfield service companies and will be an ideal base for companies with operations in Southern Iraq. The land for the camp has been leased by UNOS from the South Oil Company (SOCo) on a 10 year lease contract.

  • UNOS Oil Field Services Camp, Rumaila, Basra, Iraq
    UNOS Oil Field Services Camp
  • Rumaila Oilfield Services Camp
    Rumaila Oilfield Services Camp

UNOS Fuel Station

Nasriyah, Iraq

UNOS Oil Field Services Airport


About UNOS Iraq

United National Oil Services — an Iraqi company established to provide support services for oil and gas operations in Iraq and globally.

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